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Take Control NOW!

Take back control of your eating habits, alleviate cravings and find peace around food through simple diet, lifestyle and mindset changes.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Girouard, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Emotional Eating Coach OR: CHHC, CWMA

Does this sound familiar?

  • You plan to have just a handful of Doritos – and the next thing you know, you’ve finished the bag
  • You think “I’ve had a hard day I deserve a glass of wine” (which turns into 3)
  • Your two best friends after dinner are “Ben and Jerry” – and they’re always there to comfort you!
  • Once you’ve eaten something ‘bad’, you figure you’ve already blown it, so why not eat whatever you want and start eating well tomorrow or Monday….

If you can relate to any of the statements above – you are not alone. I’ve been there! After years of numbing my emotions with food and stuffing down my emotions, I have finally found peace around food.

No more shame. No more guilt. No more feeling out of control and embarrassed.

Feel empowered to make healthy choices that love your body, without feeling deprived or needing to overindulge.

Break free from Emotional Eating ONCE AND FOR ALL!

3 Ways to Work Together

3-Day Reset Program

We all are guilty of straying from our healthy eating habits and sometimes we need a reset. This proven program helps you lose weight, reduce belly bloat, sleep better and feel more energized. Over 3-days, you receive daily guidance, support, coaching and 12 pints of homemade, chef-created soups (delivered to your door) to satisfy your meal requirements.

This program is offered monthly. For optimal results, choose the monthly program to anchor your healthy eating on a set schedule. There is also the flexibility of a quarterly program to reset seasonally or a one-time approach to refocus on your health when you need a little resetting and refreshing.

You are Sweet Enough: Ditch the Sugar!

You know you eat too much sugar and/or starchy carbs, but can’t seem to stop by willpower alone. You are ready to take action to ditch the sugar/starchy carb cravings so you can release weight, increase your energy and get off the blood sugar rollercoaster.

Follow a step-by-step proven program with support, accountability and community to help you create sustainable healthy habits for the long-term. Release your shame, guilt and obsession with food and feel good about what you eat!

End Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is real; I get it and I’ve been there. If you are using food to stuff down or soothe your emotions and feel like you have lost control around food, you are ready for an intense 1:1 coaching program.

Let go of the stress and restrictions.

Make healthy food choices your norm.

Be empowered around food!

Coaching includes tools, support, guidance and accountability. Together we will work through your triggers and behaviors for you to establish a healthy relationship with food.

What Clients Say

Kristen H


Overall, this challenge has been very eye opening! Not only has it opened my eyes on what I am putting in my body but also what is going on my body and around my body. I think it is crucial that we, as people, take the time to really discover what "works" for our bodies... Read More

Ben Caiola

New Jersey

After a few days on Elizabeth's program my energy is noticeably higher. My snoring is gone. I've lost weight. The persistent tickle in my throat and cough are all cleared up. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Elizabeth, thank you for a great program. There was ... Read More

Christy Gunville


Elizabeth, thanks for an amazing program! You have really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about food. It has made me so much more aware of what I am eating and how it makes me feel. I intend to continue incorporating these guidelines into my daily life. I would ... Read More

Donna Schwartz

New Jersey

The best part of this program was sharing the experience with my husband – food prep, eating healthy, even going to a restaurant and not having the bread! It makes it so much easier to be disciplined when we are both on the same page! Plus I have been sleeping great e... Read More

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